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is a freight forwarding company with independence and privately company commenced operations in Jakarta on centre of business and government in 2023 in Indonesia . It was founded by people with shipping and freight forwarding background. It is the combination of many years of experience and skills to form up the very efficient and trustworthy Company.

With the clear mission and strong determination, NAWASENA GANTARI LOGISTIK grew up very rapidly and gained good reputation in forwarding industry with strong personal and relationship.

The company is structured to combine standardization and cost effectiveness with local flexibility. NAWASENA GANTARI LOGISTIK uses its purchasing power to create competitive advantages for its customers, and at the same time, expands its agent network to meet specific local needs. It is the national presence which permits an international approach.

The successful operation of these products, however, depends on the people of NAWASENA GANTARI LOGISTIK employee. Consequently quality stands and falls with the expertise of our personnel. The basis of this expertise is non-stop staff training and a continuing education program.


Build up customer relationship with integrity and ethics in order to achieve our goals and keep standing in the competitive global market.


To be the leader in Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry. We have a standard operational procedure to handle Sea, Air or even inland transportation and we upgrading always the innovative system that will help customer to manage their full range global logistics needs. We call “Move your business forward with us!”

Why Us

NGL is the organization that provides support services of all kinds to the Shipping industry. Port and Liner Agency solutions to all seaborne trades together with a comprehensive global freight forwarding service that provides solutions covering

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Our commitment to reliable and efficient service makes us a reliable logistics partner throughout Indonesia

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Move your business forward with us!

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Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong No.36
Klp. Dua, Kec. Tangerang
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